The Nutcracker

The residents enjoyed a rendition of the “Nutcracker” performed by RSD Rev. Sonia Carmona.

A Visit from Granny!

Today the chaplain dressed up like Granny and visited the residents, bringing them a variety of cookies!

She also did 70s trivia with them that they enjoyed and knew all the answers!

4th of July Festivities

Resident Council President Mr. Rembert along with other residents began our 4th of July festivities by making edible American Flags!

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Quatro De May Party!

Today the Chaplain and QOL did a Quatro De Mayo party for the residents. They enjoyed dancing done by Rev Sonia and the Chips and Dip.

Holy Thursday Service

The residents enjoyed a Holy Thursday Service given by Rev. Sonia. They had communion, worship and a special song sung by Andrea. our Signature Clinical Consultant.
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It was a great turn out, and the residents were also blessed by the Chaplain.

Swan Lake Ballet

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The Chaplain, Rev Sonia and Volunteer Teresa, put on a short rendition of “Swan Lake Ballet” for the residents and staff at Golfcrest. They sure got great reviews from the staff and the residents. They all enjoyed watching it!

Mardi Gras Celebration

The administrator Melissa and Rev Sonia were making jelly donuts for our Mardi Gras Celebration at Golfcrest. The donuts came out delicious and everyone enjoyed them!

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National Popcorn Day!

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On National Popcorn Day, Stephanie QOL and the chaplain made popcorn and passed it out to the residents. Everyone enjoyed it even the staff!

Hallway Christmas Caroling!

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The Chaplain Rev. Sonia and Stephanie QOL Director made Christmas cookies to pass out to the residents as they sang Christmas Carols. The residents participated jingling bells and singing. Rev Sonia even dance for them.