sofferIt was a bitter sweet moment when Ms. Soffer packed up her belongings to go to her new ALF.

Like many residents, Ms. Soffer had become a part of our Golfcrest family and her rehabilitation was now completed.

Her daughter, Tammy, eyes began to tear up when she told us the fear that her and her sister faced prior to coming to Golfcrest.

“We never thought our mother would walk again and thanks to Golfcrest, she is independent again”, her daughter stated, she continued with “You all worked a miracle!  She is now walking out of here to her new home!”

Many staff members went in to send her off with the best of wishes and Ms. Soffer finally looked up and said “You are all my angels!  You gave me the best care I could have ever imagined from the nurses, to administration to even the housekeepers and maintenance!

Hey, I even enjoyed the food!” Ms. Soffer grabbed her walker, looked around at the staff, blew a kiss and said “Thank you, you have given me life again!”

At Golfcrest, we  are all so proud of  her accomplishments and wish her and her family the best!! Good Luck and God Bless!

Please feel free to call Allyson Dedic, Director of Admissions, for more infomation on how we can help you or your loved one have a successful rehabilitation experience.


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