A stroke can be very devastating to an active gentlemen such as Mr. St. Victor.

He thought he was ready to go home from the hospital without in-patient rehabilitation and felt he could provide himself with enough motivation to become completely rehabilitated on his own. After a couple of days at home he noticed that he was struggling a bit and soon began to realize the deficits from the stroke.

When Golfcrest called Mr. St. Victor to check on him to be sure he was safe and well taken care, there was a realization that we would begin a journey together– one of rehabilitation and of hope.

After several weeks of aggressive therapy, Mr. St. Victor was ready to go home to his family.  He stated “Thanks to everyone here, I am a human being again and not just some disabled man.  I have reached limits I never knew were possible and I can go home confident.”

What he said next brought tears to our eyes.

“You may have wheeled me in here, but watch me WALK out of here! This IS my second family, I love you all!”

We wish Mr. St. Victor all the best and look forward to seeing him return to visit his new found family!


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