Golfcrest Gives Back!

Golfcrest is more than just a healthcare facility, it is part of the community.  During the holidays, staff members went to “The Homeless Voice” shelter and volunteered to servie lunch, hopefully, just the beginning of a long relationship.  Golfcrest staff included Marie Simeus, Administrator; Allyson Dedic, Director of Business Development, Chaplain Anneze Brown, Director of Spirituality; BJ Johnson, Director of Maintanence; and even a special visit from Signature Healthcare’s own Corporate Director of Spirituality!

Chaplain Anneze Brown, the full time on-site chaplain at Golfcrest stated “Being homeless is not always a choice, it could happen to anyone.  We must show this community that Golfcrest does care!”.  Chaplain Brown has already begin to make plans for future visits and not just during the holidays.

If you would be interested in donating goods to the shelter, please call Chaplain Anneze Brown at 954-927-2531.